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Skincare Gift Guide, perfect last minute gifts, aesthetics gifts

Here is our skincare gift guide to help you with those last minute gift ideas for that special someone, or those on your list that have everything and are a little hard to buy for.  

These ideas are our suggestions for the best skin care treatments for your loved ones this holiday season:

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avoid holiday weight gain, avoid christmas weight gain, stop holiday overeating

With the holidays fast approaching, and food and eating surely on the agenda, it becomes a challenge to avoid holiday weight gain. 


If you’ve been good all year, all the holiday food can be tempting and can seriously derail even the most stringent weight control plan. Couple this with less-than-active behavior that the holidays can encourage and you’re bound to see some weight creeping on.

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 get injections before the holidays, benefits of injectables, holiday botox, about cosmetic injections

It’s no surprise you’ve been wondering whether you should get injections before the holidays. At holiday gatherings, surrounded by family and friends, of course we want to look our best. After all, you see some of these people only once a year!

What if we told you there are quick, minimally invasive treatments that will have you looking more youthful and radiant for the holiday season?

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 hollywood laser peel, spectra laser peel, what is a hollywood laser peel, advantages of hollywood laser peel

We’re letting you in on a secret of the stars - the Hollywood Laser Peel. 


Ever wonder how celebrities achieve their amazing glow when they walk the red carpet? It’s all thanks to a procedure called Spectra Laser Treatment, also popularly known as the Hollywood Laser Peel.


If you’re preparing for an upcoming event and would like to look fabulous for the day, this treatment is perfect for an instant glow up.

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holiday ready with botox, holidays and Botox, look better for the holidays, how does botox work, botox before holidays

Get Holiday Ready with Botox - absolutely!  When you want to look your best for the festive season, let Botox help you get ready for the holidays. 


There need not be any special occasion to look ageless, glowy and beautiful, but the holiday season is the perfect excuse to look extra special. With your calendar sure to be filled up with activities, parties, and gatherings, it can be challenging to squeeze in a bit of time for some self care. 

Botox offers the ideal solution. You can squeeze in an appointment between errands and emerge ready to rock and party after. Get rid of those fine lines and wrinkles in just a few minutes.

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non-surgical buttocks lift, radiesse buttocks lift, butt lift, booty lift, reshape buttocks, reshape butt

Mention J Lo and what’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you wanna get loud and let the music make you free, you’re pretty close. However, for many, it’s her nice, round bum that pops into mind as well. 


For some lucky folks, nice, lifted buttocks come naturally. However, many people feel that the shape and size of their bottom can be better. This is where a buttocks lift can help.

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spectra laser treatment, Hollywood laser peel, how does spectra laser peel work, benefits of spectra laser peel, dark spot treatment, melasma treatment

If you’ve been looking up ways to improve the dark spots and signs of aging on your face, chances are you’ve come across the Spectra Laser Peel. 


It’s a favorite among Hollywood celebrities and is their go-to, quick, and no-downtime skin rejuvenation treatment. Not surprisingly, it’s popularly known as the Hollywood Laser Peel. 


Want to achieve the same celebrity glow as Angelina Jolie or Kim Kardashian? Read on to find out what the Spectra Laser Peel is and what it can do for you.

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all about liquid facelifts, about facial injections, about dermal fillers, injection facelift, reversible facelift

If you want to know all about liquid facelifts, then this is the perfect article for you. Whether you’re thinking of having one soon or you’re just curious about it, the following information will help you learn everything there is to know about this cosmetic procedure.


The liquid facelift is one of the most exciting innovations in the world of cosmetic treatment as it provides near-instant results.

Here are some essential things you should know about liquid facelift, so you can gauge whether or not it is the perfect anti-aging option at your fingertips.


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beauty myths, beauty myths that aren’t true, skin care myths, truths about skin care, skincare product myths

In your quest to achieve healthier or younger-looking skin, be sure to arm yourself against these 5 beauty myths.

Cosmetic aisles are bursting with promises of younger, clearer, brighter, smoother, and plumper skin. With such an abundance of promises, how do you know where to start?


Start right here! Before heading to the beauty aisle, take a look through our list of 5 beauty myths that aren’t true.


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If you love good food but are worried about gaining unwanted pounds, then these fat burning recipes are right up your alley. These recipes are easy to prepare and are sure to fill your tummy while satisfying your taste buds.

Here are recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that you can cook at home or share with your family and friends. These are tasty recipes that are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face without feeling any guilt or worry about increasing one’s waistline.

For some of the best fat burning recipes and rave reviews, try one of these the next time you hit the kitchen.


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