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Soften Frown Lines

Soften Frown Lines

Are you considering treatments that can soften your frown lines and wrinkles?  Skin Theory Aesthetics™ has the best cosmetic treatments that address your problem areas.


Skin Theory Aesthetics™ offers FDA approved neurotoxin treatments XEOMIN® AND BOTOX®, as well as wrinkle filler treatments that help relax and soften frown lines and wrinkles.


Neurotoxin medications block the release of chemicals that cause muscle contractions. This allows the muscles to relax, softening frown lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging on your face.


Wrinkle fillers, also known as cosmetic fillers, are injectables that add volume, soften frown lines and wrinkles and improve contours of the face. 


Skin Theory Aesthetics™ has years of expertise and experience to offer men and women the best cosmetic procedures to help you look your absolute best, regardless of your age, young or “old”.

Dynamic vs Static Wrinkles

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Wrinkles are wrinkles and any treatment that can soften frown lines or those smile lines are all the same, right? Not quite. There are 2 main kinds of wrinkles and the kind that you want to address will determine if a neurotoxin or wrinkle filler is for you.


  • Dynamic Wrinkles. These lines develop from repeated movement. For instance if you constantly squint your eyes, you may get lines called crows feet around your eyes. Common dynamic wrinkles are:

    • Smile lines

    • Forehead wrinkles

    • Frown lines

    • Crow’s feet


  • Static Wrinkles. These lines result from a combination of loss of elasticity and gravity. Unlike dynamic wrinkles, static wrinkles remain on the face even after facial muscles relax. These tend to deepen with age.


Dynamic wrinkles may also turn into static wrinkles as you age. For example, fine lines become deeper and turn into more visible nasolabial folds when the cheeks lose elasticity and plumpness.

Neurotoxins or Wrinkle Fillers - Which do You Need?

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Neurotoxins like XEOMIN® AND BOTOX®, both derivatives from the botulinum toxin, work by blocking muscle movement by calming the muscles. If you want to soften frown lines or wrinkles caused by repetitive muscle movement, your therapist will probably recommend a neurotoxin treatment. In short, neurotoxins work best with dynamic wrinkles. 


Who should consider neurotoxins?

✓ Those who have glabellar lines (also called 11 lines) that make them look irritated, upset or look tired all the time

✓ Patients who want to even out an asymmetry in the face or eyebrows which can be corrected by relaxing certain muscles on one side

✓ Patients with facial expressions that cause wrinkles around the eyes or the forehead


Deep lines and creases that are unaffected by facial expressions or cannot be easily addressed by relaxing affected muscles will need to be addressed with a wrinkle filler. Wrinkle fillers, also known as cosmetic fillers, are gel-like injectables. They are administered under the skin to change its appearance. Among the FDA approved fillers in commonly used are fillers made of:


  • Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

  • Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA)

  • Poly-L-lactic Acid

  • Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA)

  • Autologous fat 


Generally, if the lines on your face are caused by loss of elasticity (static wrinkles), the more appropriate treatment will be a wrinkle filler. 


Who should consider wrinkle fillers?

✓ Those who have lines or folds are are static and not controlled by a muscle

✓ Those whose lines have become deep around the eyes, brow or mouth

✓ Patients who would like to lift or change the contours of their face or lips (eg lift sagging jowls or plump up the lips)


However, often it’s not just one or the other. Many therapists may use a combination of neurotoxins and fillers to treat signs of aging. This is especially effective for patients that have deep wrinkles and creases, as well as finer lines in the upper face caused by expressions like frowning or smiling.


Our specialists at Skin Theory Aesthetics™ makes sure that you get the treatment tailor fit for your needs. We carefully assess your skin that guarantees the best results!

Soften Frown Lines - What to Expect with Treatments

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BOTOX® and XEOMIN® treatments are safe, non-invasive and generally painless. For those who need multiple shots, there may be a sting or prick on the areas affected. Should it become necessary, a topical anesthesia may be used to lessen the sting. 


A neurotoxin treatment takes only as little as 10 minutes to 30 minutes. After the treatment, expect less to no movement within the areas where the neurotoxin was injected. This is due to the calming of nerve impulses in the muscles that softens the appearance of lines in the face. The full effect of the treatment can be seen within three to five days after administration.


How long do the effects of the treatment last?


Neurotoxin treatments have short lived effects. For best results, we recommend having it done two to three times a year. However, results become more long lasting after several treatments. You may need less or may not have to do it as often if you regularly have neurotoxin treatments. 


Are there side effects?


An expected side effect is slight paralysis in the injected area. Patients are not able to frown after the treatment. However, all other facial expressions should still be there. 


Other side effects are bruising on the injected area. Some people also report some mild soreness. 


Though rare, some people may also experience these side effects:

  • Flu-like symptoms

  • Headache

  • Upset stomach

  • Eyelid drooping which is temporary

  • Paralysis in nearby muscles


Wrinkle Fillers

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Like neurotoxins, wrinkle filler treatments are fast and relatively easy. They’re minimally invasive for the most part. After injections, results can be seen even within 30 minutes after the treatment. 


How long do the effects of the treatment last?


The effects of a wrinkle filler treatment are more long lasting than the effects of a neurotoxin treatment. Some kinds of filler injectables may have effects that last from 6 months to 2 years or more. 


Are there side effects?


Some patients may experience mild redness, swelling, tenderness, bruising or itching. However, the side effects usually do not last and as mentioned above the results of the treatment are visibly noticeable immediately.  


There are reported cases of allergic reactions and the formation of tiny bumps under the skin. In some cases, unfortunately, the bumps may be permanent or can only be remedied by surgery. In some rare cases, patients experience a bluish skin discoloration called Tyndall effect. This can fade after several months but fortunately, treatments are available should this occur.  

Finding the Right Specialist - Skin Theory Aesthetics™ Does it Right

We’ve all heard of many horror stories of injectable treatments gone wrong - frozen faces or lips grotesquely gone too plump. However, this can all be avoided by choosing the specialist who will administer your treatment very carefully.


Our cosmetic treatment specialists are trained and experienced in neurotoxin and wrinkle filler treatments. Before you undergo any procedure, we carefully prepare you to decrease risks. This includes disclosure of your medical history and any medications you may be taking that can cause side effects.


Skin Theory Aesthetics™ guarantees the best results by customizing treatment just for you.


If you want to find out what cosmetic injectable is right for you, call us to have your questions answered. 


Check out our specials page and call us today at 951-735-5570!


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