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Skin Care Tips During COVID-19 and Beyond

Skin Care Tips During Covid-19 and Beyond

Many weeks into the quarantine and people have settled into a “new normal.”  When the stay at home order was imposed on March 19th, the initial reaction was panic with people stocking up on essentials (and tons of toilet paper). However, as with all things, we have realized that we can cope and deal until things get better.


Now, we can go out, maintaining social distancing, and even though skin care clinics, salons, and med spas may be providing limited access, taking care of our skin at home has become a necessity. 


Here are some skin care tips below that will serve you well, not only while cocooning at home, but also, as we move beyond, back to more normal times.   Self care need not be complicated. So, give yourself some TLC with our tips on skin care.  


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Skin Care Tips - Stay Hydrated

Skin Care During COVID-19 Fruits And Vegetables Skin Care Tips During COVID-19 and Beyond Corona aesthetics Corona aesthetician Skin rejuvenation

No amount of moisturizer can help your skin if your body lacks adequate hydration. Hydrate your body from the inside out with water, fruits, and vegetables. 


With the current situation, however, the produce shelves may not always be the best stocked at the moment. What are your best alternatives? On your next trip to the store, go check the freezers. Frozen fruits and vegetables can be added to soups or made into delicious smoothies to increase your fluid intake.


If you're not a fan of plain water, make your minimum 8 glasses a day go down easier by drinking infused water. Try a few slices of lemon or cucumber to make a refreshing hydrating cooler.

Skin Care Tips - Get Enough Sleep

Skin Care During COVID-19 Woman Sleeping Skin Care Tips During COVID-19 and Beyond Corona aesthetics Corona aesthetician Skin rejuvenation

Lack of sleep can seriously affect how your skin looks. It can make your skin dull and dry and make you appear older. Sleep is essential because it gives the body and your skin the chance to heal, eliminate toxins, and be rejuvenated. 


With no rush to get to work and school, now is the best time to catch up on quality zzz’s. Develop a healthy sleep routine which you can follow even long after quarantine is lifted. 


Here are our suggestions on how to get a good night’s sleep:


  • Establish a sleep routine. Go to bed and rise at the same time everyday. Avoid staying up late and binging on Netflix just because you need not beat the time clock at work. 


  • Don’t eat too close to bedtime.


  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol before bedtime.


  • Practice relaxation techniques if sleep is elusive. Some people find that meditating, playing white noise, or stretching can help ease the stress in the body and relax the mind before bedtime. 

Skin Care Tips - Manage Stress

The uncertainty of times and the stress over how the COVID-19 pandemic is going to affect the future can take its toll on your body. Some people find that, ironically, working from home is proving to be more stressful for them.  Add to that homeschooling the kids and keeping them occupied while also juggling housework. It can get overwhelming for your nerves!


While managing stress can be tricky during this time, it is essential for your body’s health and immune system. Chronic stress can harm the integrity of skin’s collagen. Collagen is an important ingredient that contributes to the elasticity and structure of your skin. Stress and lack of sleep can break down collagen and your skin may show noticeable signs of aging. Stress can likewise trigger skin breakouts.


How do you manage stress? Here are our suggestions:


  • Get enough sleep.


  • Take time out for yourself. Practice deep breathing whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed. If possible, find a designated area for yourself where you can relax away from the rest of your family. 


  • Make time to exercise.

Skin Care Tips - Exercise

Skin Care During COVID-19 Woman Exercising Skin Care Tips During COVID-19 and Beyond Corona aesthetics Corona aesthetician Skin rejuvenation

What are the signs of “quarantine” skin? Here’s a checklist:


  • Tired-looking eyes


  • Sagging skin around the jaw


  • Sallow, colorless skin


These disturbing signs are due to decreased blood flow due to lack of movement and lessened exposure to sunlight which is vital for production of vitamin D in the body.


Exercise should be a part of your routine of skin care during COVID-19.  Working out keeps the circulation flowing, flushes out toxins from the body, and burns cortisone.  Make sure to go outside for a daily walk for some good sun exposure. (Just don’t forget to put on sunscreen). All these work to keep your skin clear and free from breakouts.

Skin Care Tips - Keep Up With Your Skin Care Routine

Skin Care During COVID-19 Woman Applying Skin Care Tips During COVID-19 and Beyond Corona aesthetics Corona aesthetician Skin rejuvenation

Because of the quarantine, people are not really wearing makeup. It's a good thing because the skin is given a chance to breathe.  However, just because you’re not putting on makeup does not mean that you can slack off with your skin care routine. 


Aside from your usual toner, moisturizer, and perhaps serum, give your skin some extra care by incorporating things you do not normally do into your skin regimen. Among the things you can try:


  • Anti-aging masks with glycolic acid or alpha hydroxy acids that help soften fine lines or have enzymes that help digest dead skin cells.


  • A quick at home facial once or twice a week to brighten the skin. Start with clean hands. This is especially important during this time to avoid contracting the coronavirus. 


Start with a gentle facial wash, followed by an exfoliant. You can use a mask after exfoliation to hydrate the skin. Serum is the next step to further plump up the skin. Finally, finish off with a light moisturizer.


  • Facial Massage. Massaging facial muscles helps in lymphatic drainage which eliminates impurities from the skin. Facial massage tools are effective. 


You can also try the French pincement jaquet technique by pinching your jawline and moving back and forth from the chin toward the ear for 10 repetitions. The cheeks are also massaged by using the knuckles in circular motion, again moving toward the ears. 


Finally, the forehead is massaged using two flat fingers criss-crossed across the forehead from side to side and moved upward from the eyebrows to the hairline. 


While we encourage you to try new things, we also caution about going overboard with skin care during COVID-19.  In other words, like in all things, everything in moderation.

Skin Care Tips - Moisturize or Hands

Your hands may be the most vulnerable during this pandemic. Hand washing is the primary preventive measure against the coronavirus.  Because of frequent washing, your hands can become dry.  Remember to moisturize your hands often to prevent chapping.

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