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Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers Are Very Popular

Pouty lips are all the rage now.  Many celebrities are sporting those “oh so sexy” full lips, and inspiring many others to follow suit.  If you’re interested in making your kissers more attractive, lip augmentation using lip fillers can help plump them up.  For those who have reached a certain age, lip fillers can even combat the signs of aging.


Lip augmentation using lip fillers has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the US.  Unlike in the past when “getting work done” held a bit of a stigma, people are now more open about it.  Having a lip injection now is about as common as going to the salon to have your hair done. 


However common it has become, lip enhancement with lip fillers is still a procedure. There are risks involved and things can go wrong when it’s done incorrectly.  Understanding what lip fillers are, what to expect, and why it’s important to carefully choose the specialist who’ll do it for you can help you avoid a potentially unfortunate situation.

At Skin Theory, Lip Plumping is an art.  We want to provide plump youthful lips while maintaining a natural look.  Equally important is to ensure the procedure boosts collagen growth to provide longer-lasting results.


If you’re considering a lip injection to get those fuller lips you’ve been wanting to have, read on to get the lowdown on lip fillers.

What Are Lip Fillers and What Are They Made Of?

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There are different types of lip fillers that can be injected in your lips and around the mouth to give your fuller, plumper lips. Here are some of the methods used for lip augmentation:


Fat Injections. These use fat taken from another part of your body as lip fillers. While these are long lasting and can result in natural looking lips, having fat injections does require downtime, and if you’re not happy with the results, you may have to live with it because it’s very difficult to reverse.


Collagen. This was once the most common dermal filler used, however, collagen has lost its popularity as newer and safer options with more long lasting effects have become available. 


Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. Today, the most common lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid (HA), a natural substance found in the body.  Because HA is a substance that is produced by our body, there is less chance of rejection. 


Once it’s injected, it’s broken down over a period of time. The effects are not permanent, which may seem to be a negative but is actually a reassuring thought, isn’t it?  Uneven, too plump lips? No problem because it will go back to normal after a few months. 


There are several hyaluronic acid fillers on the market. Among them are:


  • Juvederm. FDA approved, this product is considered one of the safest among the different lip fillers. It adds volume to lips but is also used to treat wrinkles, tighten facial skin, and is even used to mask acne.


  • Restylane. Likewise FDA approved, this is similar to Juvederm and has HA as its base ingredient. As a lip filler, its effect lasts from 6 months to a year. 


  • Volbella. This FDA approved lip filler is also similar to Juvederm, however, one slight difference is it’s a blend of hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights.  When injected into the lips, it results in more natural looking enhancements.  It’s long lasting as well and can last for up to a year. 


  • Teosyal Kiss. This product is more viscous than the abovementioned lip fillers. This results in smoother looking lips. The formulation which has reduced protein levels and includes bacterial endotoxins works best with people who are prone to allergies

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Lip Fillers

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Hyaluronic acid fillers have risen in popularity because of these many benefits once the gel in the filler is injected. The benefits of lip fillers include:


Lip Volume. Your specialist can control the amount of substance being injected consequently the final volume. There’s less chance of  ending up with lips that look like balloons. 


Pace of Treatment. Injections can be administered gradually, spanning over different appointments until you are happy with the results.


Less Bruising. Unlike other dermal fillers, there’s less chance of swelling or bruising with HA lip fillers


Lasting Results. Though not as long lasting as other dermal fillers, the results from HA lip fillers are reasonably long-lasting. 


Bumps Dissolve Easily. When the gel is injected, lumps or bumps may form because of the movement of the lips. Fortunately, with HA fillers, these dissolve easily.


Allergic Reactions. Hyaluronic acid fillers are made from substances similar to those produced by the body. Because of this, the chances of an allergic reaction to the treatment is very minimal. Some fillers contain lidocaine, though. So if you are allergic to this substance, it is best to disclose this to your specialist.


Little to No Downtime. HA lip filler treatments take only 15 to 30 minutes. What’s best is there is no downtime after. 


Results. After treatment, improvement in your lips is immediately noticeable, and within 2 weeks, you see the final results.

Mild Side Effects. After effects of the treatment are typically mild and usually include some temporary redness, bruising or swelling where the injection was administered.


What Can Lip Fillers Do For You?

Why should you consider lip augmentation or enhancement? 


Admittedly, lip fillers are not everyone’s cup of tea. People either love it or hate it.  But if you don’t mind having a little work done to enhance your looks, lip fillers can improve the appearance of thin, lined, or asymmetrical lips. 


Here are the changes that a good lip enhancement treatment can give you:


  • Add or restore volume to thin or aging lips


  • Smooth vertical lip lines


  • Refine the shape of thin or flat lips


  • Improve symmetry between upper and lower lips

What to Expect with a Lip Filler Treatment?

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Before a lip augmentation 

Before going through a lip enhancement treatment, it’s important to know your reason for making changes with your lips. Also, know what changes you want to make. Understand that a lip filler treatment will definitely modify your appearance and it should be a change that you can truly be happy with.


It’s important to find a specialist who should be able to walk you through the process, explain the pros and cons, present you with options and help you decide which product is best for you. 


It’s important to disclose what medications or supplements you are currently taking, as well any medical conditions you may have including:   


  • Diabetes


  • Lupus


  • Blood clotting problems


  • Any active infections (oral herpes, etc)


  • Allergies, especially to lidocaine


During the Treatment 

Lip filler treatments can be performed in the clinic with no or very little down time.  Very fine needles are used to inject the substance to the lips. Treatment typically takes 15 to 30 minutes.


A topical anesthetic to numb the area to be injected may be applied to help with the discomfort. In some cases, nerve block injections may be given before the actual treatment. This is similar to what your dentist may use for dental procedures.  If you are particularly sensitive to pain, your specialist may use this. 


You may also choose to hold ice to the lips to help numb the area. Doing this can potentially lessen the resulting bruising or swelling, typical after effects of treatment.   


Effects of the treatment are immediately apparent. 


After the Treatment 

Don’t be alarmed if you notice swelling after the treatment. This is completely normal. Ice may be applied to ease the swelling but take care not to apply firm pressure on the treatment area. 


Swelling may last 12 to 48 hours but it should subside by the third day. After complete healing, your new, plumper lips should feel completely natural.

Are There Side Effects to Lip Filler Treatments?

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We cannot overemphasize the importance of choosing the right specialist for your lip filler treatment. An experienced specialist, ik those at Skin Theory, will ensure that the results are beautiful and natural-looking. You are sure that you’re in safe hands, and risks and side effects are lessened. 


You may experience side effects to the treatment but these should be temporary and should only last a few days. These may include:


  • Swelling and bruising


  • Bleeding where the injection was administered


  • Redness and tenderness at injection site


  • Recurrence of cold sores or fever blisters on the lips or the area surrounding the lips

Ask About Lip Filler Treatments at Skin Theory Aesthetics

If you’ve been wanting plump, luscious lips, ask about our lip filler treatments at Skin Theory Aesthetics. 


Our certified and experienced specialists will walk you through the process of lip augmentation, what to expect of the treatment and what it can do for you. We help you choose the best product that will suit your needs. We give you the results that you will ultimately be happy with.  


At Skin Theory Aesthetics, we approach beauty holistically.  We specialize in cosmetic treatments for your skin, your body and your spirit!  It's about making you feel more beautiful and confident.

Call us at (951) 735-5570 to schedule a consultation to discuss your goals.

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