Top Things You Should Know About Liquid Facelifts

If you want to know all about liquid facelifts, then this is the perfect article for you. Whether you’re thinking of having one soon or you’re just curious about it, the following information will help you learn everything there is to know about this cosmetic procedure.

The liquid facelift is one of the most exciting innovations in the world of cosmetic treatment as it provides near-instant results.

“The beauty of this procedure is that you can often get it done in just one session,” claims Dr. Lisa Ishii from Johns Hopkins Center for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The promise of such a quick turnaround caused the liquid facelift’s rapid rise in popularity among women who have serious aging concerns.

But, is it the right procedure for you?

Here are some essential things you should know about liquid facelift, so you can gauge whether or not it is the perfect anti-aging option at your fingertips.

Three Essential Questions about Liquid Facelifts

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Your quest to know all about liquid facelifts wouldn’t be complete without these most basic of questions: what is a liquid facelift, how does it work, and how long does it last?

For a start, a liquid facelift is a cosmetic procedure that involves using neurotoxins (also called muscle relaxers) and injectable fillers to achieve a lifting effect in the facial area.

Doctors first inject local anesthetic in the areas to be facelifted before injecting the fillers. The anesthetic numbs the face and prepares it for the series of predetermined injections.

The fillers that are injected in areas like the cheeks, temples, lips, and below the eyes plump up such spots and reduce sagging and wrinkles.

These areas are where volume loss is commonly observed and experienced. Volume loss is associated with aging and is something that can’t be escaped.

Liquid facelift is meant to combat volume loss through the dermal injections in the facial region. The result is a face that looks younger and more vibrant with a significant reduction in volume loss.

In terms of effect, liquid facelifts don’t last forever, as with any other anti-aging procedures.

The effects of liquid facelifts normally last anywhere between six months and two years, which is significantly longer than the effect of Botox alone. Also, the more consistent the liquid facelift procedure is done, the less drastic and invasive the maintenance becomes.

Common Types of Dermal Fillers

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The options in terms of dermal fillers are quite varied to suit the needs of individual clients. These are the most popular fillers that you may choose from:

  • Collagen/Fat. Collagen or fat injectables use fat from the patient’s body and could last anywhere from three months to one year. The procedure is also called soft tissue augmentation.

  • Hyaluronic acid. This filler type is easily the most popular filler used by cosmetic surgeons. Its popularity is largely due to its reversibility – clients can order their doctors to inject a substance to reverse the effects of the filler if they’re not satisfied with the results. The effects of using this filler can last from eight to twelve months.

  • Poly-L-lactic acid. Unlike the effects of other fillers, which can be seen almost instantaneously, poly-L-lactic filler’s effects can be achieved typically after three to four injections. This filler option stimulates the production of collagen to achieve an anti-aging effect, which can last up to a full year.

  • Calcium hydroxyapatite. Those who want the longest-lasting effect should pick this type of filler as it could provide an effect that could last anywhere between 12 to 16 months.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

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As mentioned, liquid facelifts combat the effects of aging on a person’s face by reducing volume loss in specific facial spots.

Patients who have opted for this type of treatment have also reported fast recovery time and non-serious complications. It’s a comforting thought, since many women are afraid of cosmetic procedures for fear of serious drawbacks post-treatment.

In terms of price, you can expect to spend less than you would if you chose a traditional surgical facelift. This is perfect if you have a limited budget or if you simply don’t want to spend too much on keeping yourself looking younger than your actual age.

Are There Drawbacks to Liquid Facelifts?

Not everything is rosy for patients who undergo liquid facelifts, but it’s worth noting that the drawbacks are not as severe as the effects of surgical facelifts.

For example, liquid facelifts may cause mild to significant bruising, but only for a few days and particularly when the injections are made under the eyes.

Meanwhile, in terms of longevity of effects, liquid facelifts offer shorter effectiveness compared with surgical facelifts. This is, nonetheless, expected, since a surgical facelift is designed to provide effects up to twelve years while a liquid facelift can only offer its benefit up to two years.

Having said all these, it’s up to you to decide whether these drawbacks are significant or if the benefits that they offer cancel out such drawbacks.

Whom are Liquid Facelifts Suited For?

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Liquid facelifts are great for women (and men, too) who have previously undergone cosmetic procedures like Botox. The good thing is that even those without prior experience in any cosmetic treatment can opt for a liquid facelift without having to worry.

So, whichever one you are, you should rest easy knowing that you have this inexpensive option of looking younger ready at your disposal.

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