Aesthetic Injection Is An Art: The Art of Injection

Facial filler and neurotoxin injection is not a cookie cutter procedure, the same for everyone, but rather aesthetic injection is an art. Why? And why should you be worried about selecting the right aesthetics med spa with the right attitude about facial injection?

Every face is different, with different bone structure and underlying muscle and nerve structure.  And everyone’s vision of beauty is also slightly different. Therefore, when you express what you want to change about your face, it is unique to you, and due to your facial structure, your treatment to achieve the best results will vary from your friends.

And when an aesthetician is injecting you, the decision on what to inject, how much and where, should be a combination of your concerns, your unique facial structure, plus the injectors knowledge and expertise.  If this isn’t happening, run!

Think of this as paint by numbers, versus Degas or Monet.  To capture the true essence, paint by numbers just doesn’t cut it.

At Skin Theory Aesthetics™ aesthetics is an art, and our aesthetics specialists are the finest artists there are. As a premier aesthetics med spa, we specialize in cosmetic injectables that enhance your natural beauty including Botox®, dermal fillers, lip fillers, non-surgical buttocks lift and Kybella™, while providing natural-looking long-lasting superb results.

As the stigma of “having things done” has all but faded and people have become more open to the idea of enhancing what nature has given them, cosmetic injectables have seen a significant increase in popularity.

Because of this, many aestheticians are getting into injectables. And they think that it’s just a jab here and a jab there. But it is much more than this. It’s not enough to just have the proper skills and qualifications.

An injector should have the experience and the appreciation of the fact that every face is different with different underlying bone and muscle structure, and that cosmetic injection is an art, combining science and product knowledge as well as injection expertise, rather than just a static procedure.

In this article, we discuss what cosmetic injectables are available and the importance of carefully choosing your provider so you emerge from your treatment a more beautiful version of you, not a caricature.

The Art in Botox®

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Botox®, and it’s alternate Xeomin®, are neurotoxic medications that work to relax the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles. When injected into the jawline, it can soften facial structure and enhance feminine features.

Because it provides quick and effective results with no downtime, Botox® is the most popular aesthetic procedure, not only in the US but all around the world. When done correctly, the results are subtle, yet dramatic.

However, it’s also a procedure that can be easily botched under untrained hands. I’m sure you’ve heard a horror story or two about a Botox session gone wrong. Understandably, this can make you stay away from having the procedure done.

Experienced aesthetic injectors who understand that cosmetic injection is an art considers each and everyone of their patients as unique. As such, they take time to carefully analyze their patient’s needs and expectations to come out with a treatment plan that will yield the best results.

The Art In Dermal Fillers

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Your skin produces collagen and elastin that work together to give your skin structure and elasticity. However, as you age, your body starts to produce less of these vital proteins. And this results in wrinkles and sagging in the skin.

Dermal fillers have been gaining popularity as a cosmetic solution to these signs of aging. They are designed to restore your youthful appearance by smoothing deep under eye circles, lifting sagging cheeks, reducing lip lines and nasolabial folds, volumizing lips and even rejuvenating aging hands.

As injectables, they can give you subtle, yet effective results. However, how successfully dermal fillers address your needs will largely depend on the skill and experience of the person performing the procedure.

A good cosmetic injector is like a well trained artist. As such, he or she works carefully with their patient to find out their concerns and expected outcome. They take time to study their patient’s face to assess the degree of volume loss, the severity of creases, the bone and muscle structure, etc.

Like an artist, the aesthetic injector visualizes an outcome that is beautiful yet still natural looking.  They make sure that the course of treatment meets the patient’s needs and expectations.

An injector who has no appreciation that cosmetic injection is an art may have just their bottomline in mind. Some injectors may take the cookie cutter approach with Botox and fillers by injecting the same amount of injectable in the same areas for each of their patients.

With less time spent consulting with each patient, it’s easier and more efficient for them. And this translates to being able to take in more patients.

With an approach like this, are you willing to take the risk?

The Art In Buttocks Body Sculpture

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Not too long ago, the only way to achieve a rounder, plumper, more aesthetically pleasing booty is through surgery. The procedure was complicated with a long recovery period. Fortunately, now there’s a quicker, less invasive method to achieve the buttocks you’ve always wanted.

Radiesse®️, a dermal filler used to effectively address moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, and volume loss in the hands, has also been found to be effective in adding volume and contour to flat, saggy, or droopy posteriors.

The active ingredient in Radiesse®️ is synthetic but biocompatible calcium hydroxylapatite. The gel injectable is injected under the skin of the buttocks where collagen is produced.

The results of a Radiesse®️ buttocks lift is immediate with the initial volume and lift provided by the gel. However, as the gel is absorbed in the body and particles of Radiesse®️ are left, the more lasting effect of the injectable kicks in. It stimulates the production of collagen and encourages the skin to produce its own filler. This results in a more natural looking lift and contour to the buttocks.

The results of Radiesse®️ can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years. If you don’t like the effects of your buttocks lift, you will have to live with it for quite a long period of time. Because of this, it’s important to look for an aesthetician who is also an experienced injector.

Like an artist, a cosmetic injector performs body sculpting. It’s important that he or she understands the importance of scale and proportion in order to have results that are aesthetically pleasing.

Cosmetic Injection Is An Art - The Importance of Finding the Right Aesthetic Injector

cosmetic injectables, facial fillers, aesthetics injections, dermal fillers

The popularity of injectables have risen over the years since they were introduced and will continue to rise as an increasing number of people become more comfortable about having aesthetic enhancements done.

While some people may wish for a drastic change, a majority look to injectables as a way to just be a better version of how they look - younger, more lifted, less wrinkles or lines. An experienced cosmetic injector can make this possible while making the change subtle, yet dramatic.

It’s therefore important to find someone who has truly mastered the art of injection. Here are some of major risks you avoid when you have done your research:

Looking like a caricature

Choosing an injector with limited experience puts you at risk of looking like a caricature with your features exaggerated grotesquely. I’m sure you’ve watched some version of The Real Housewives and found some of their so-called enhancements quite comical, and frankly, scary at times.

Experienced injectors listen to their patient’s needs and expectations. However, they also balance this by looking into the patient’s anatomy, skin condition and other factors. This way, they are able to customize the treatment that will address the patient’s concerns and meet their expectations.

Experienced knowledgeable injectors know that cosmetic injection is an art, it’s not just about injecting the same areas with the same amount in every patient. From knowing what injectable is appropriate, the exact areas to inject, the depth of injection, skilled injectors have the unique needs of their patient in mind. The techniques they have mastered allow them to enhance their patient’s looks naturally.

Not getting the results you want

Once you have decided to get something done, we’re pretty sure you already have a look you want to achieve. Even for a qualified injector, giving you the exact  look can be challenging.

An injector with very extensive experience will sit down with a patient for a thorough consultation to ensure that they have a good understanding of their concerns and goals. Oftentimes, patients who think they know exactly what they want may arrive at a solution that may not be what they initially have in mind after a talk with their injector. Ultimately, the end result should be something that they will truly be happy with.

Based on the treatment plan designed for you, an experienced injector will use the appropriate kind of injectable and inject the right amount at the target areas. And because they believe that it’s more than just a procedure and consider cosmetic injection as an art, they will also pay attention to the other areas around in order to keep the balance, symmetry and scale.

Choosing an injector with this attention to detail will ensure that you get the results that you want.

Experiencing unwanted side effects

Injectables are minimally invasive and are generally safe. While complications are rare, unwanted side effects can and do happen. It’s for this reason that choosing your provider is crucial. You can avoid complications by having your procedure done by someone who is trained, certified and more importantly experienced in administering injections.

An unpleasant experience under less than capable hands can make you stay away from injectables forever. However, in the right hands, you’ll find that these procedures can be effective, painless and safe.

At Skin Theory Aesthetics™, Cosmetic Injection is an Art

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At Skin Theory Aesthetics™, we believe in the unique beauty of each individual. So when you come to us for cosmetic injections, we strive to make you more beautiful and confident in your appearance. And this is where our knowledge of anatomy and science combine with art to bring out the best in you.

We offer popular injectables that will erase, lift, sculpt and enhance. Our injection specialists are world-class with skills and experience that create results that are long-lasting and natural-looking.

Ask us about our available services that use injectables including:

We are happy to answer all your questions. And when you are ready to commit to a treatment, our specialists will sit down with you for a consultation to find out your needs and expectations. We will also analyze your face or body and determine the best approach to your treatment.

Because for us, cosmetic injection is an art, we make sure that your end results will be something that you will absolutely love. We do this by choosing the right injectable for you and ensuring that the right amounts are injected in the strategic treatment areas. With careful attention to details, we promise to make you look amazing!

Call Skin Theory Aesthetics™ for any questions or to book an appointment at (951) 735-5570.

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Aesthetic Injection Is An Art