Dermal Filler Buttocks Lift

Dermal Filler Buttocks Lift

Dermal filler buttocks lift, Radiesse dermal filler buttocks lift, non invasive buttocks lift, non-surgical butt lift

If you’ve heard of dermal fillers and the wonders they can do for your face, here’s good news - you can now have the nice, rounded bum you’ve always wanted with a dermal filler buttocks lift. Skin Theory Aesthetics™ is a top aesthetic spa specializing in dermal filler buttocks lifts and other rejuvenating treatments for the face and body.

Skin Theory Aesthetics proudly offers a non surgical dermal filler butt lift to give you a fuller, plumper, firmer posterior. If you feel your rear-end is looking saggy, droopy, wrinkled, or just not as youthful, then we can help.

With our years of expertise, Skin Theory Aesthetics ensures that you get a treatment program that is tailored for your concerns and needs, skin type, and lifestyle. We make sure that you get the best experience with results that you will be happy with.

What Is a Dermal Filler Buttocks Lift?

For many years, the only way to get a lifted and contoured butt is through surgical methods using implants or fat transfer from one part of the body to your posterior. Of late, dermal filler buttocks lifts using Radiesse have been creating excitement for people wishing for better looking butts but are scared of the complications of these invasive methods.

Traditiditionally, the dermal filler Radiesse is used to address wrinkles and creases in the face and loss of volume at the back of the hands. However, it has been found to be effective in addressing sagging or droopy buttocks, as well.

Dermal filler buttocks lift, Radiesse dermal filler buttocks lift, non invasive buttocks lift, non-surgical butt lift

In a dermal buttocks lift, Radiesse is injected into the buttocks under the skin (where collagen is produced). The active ingredient in Radiesse is Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHa) and it comes in the form of microspheres suspended in a water-based gel.

The gel gives the initial lift to the buttocks when Radiesse is injected. The gel is eventually absorbed by the body and the particles of CaHa are left. Calcium hydroxylapatite has the ability to stimulate collagen production. In effect, your body is encouraged to produce its own fillers for the buttocks.

Because of this, the effects of a Radiesse dermal buttocks lift can last anywhere from 2 to 5 years.

What Causes Your Buttocks to Become Saggy?

There are several reasons why our buttocks are not as perky as they were or why they’re just, well, flat.

Genetic predisposition

Some people are just blessed with nicely contoured derrieres. And some are not so blessed.


Child bearing takes a toll on a woman’s body. The extra weight makes the pelvis tilt forward and as a result the hamstrings become underused. This causes the muscles in the buttocks area to weaken and droop.

Weight fluctuations

Don’t you just wish that when you lose weight, you retain the roundness in your buttocks? Unfortunately, the sudden loss of weight means loss of fat that supports the skin in your derriere area. On the opposite end of the spectrum, weight gain results in droopy buttocks.


As we age, there is loss of elastin and collagen in our gluteal area, and this causes the skin to sag and droop.

Sun damage

We mainly focus on our faces, arms, and backs when putting on sun protection. However, buttocks do get sun damaged as well. This not only causes brown spots, but sun damage can also cause the buttocks to sag and droop.

Why Get a Dermal Filler Buttocks Lift?

Dermal filler buttocks lift, Radiesse dermal filler buttocks lift, non invasive buttocks lift, non-surgical butt lift

If you are afraid of going under the knife, then a dermal filler buttocks lift may be the solution for you. Because there’s no incision, there’s no postoperative scarring. There’s no anesthesia involved so you can go about your normal activities even after your appointment.

With a surgical buttocks lift, there’s a long recovery period and you will need to be accompanied by someone, especially in the first couple of days after the surgery.

Wound healing can take up to 6 weeks, and swelling or scarring can last up to a year after the procedure. You can only resume normal activities after two to three weeks compared to immediately with a dermal filler.

The other benefits of a dermal buttocks lift are:

  • No liposuction.

  • Results look natural because they appear gradually as the body produces collagen to plump up the buttocks.

  • It improves the texture of the skin while fixing any irregularities.

  • It can address cellulite and lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

  • Though not a permanent solution, results are long lasting (2 to 5 years).

Preparing for A Dermal Filler Buttocks Lift

The Radiesse dermal filler buttocks lift is a fairly quick fix to your droopy or saggy buttocks problem. However, for best results and for your safety, it’s important to take certain precautionary steps before, during, and after the procedure.

Before your appointment

It’s important to get assessed by your provider to ensure that the procedure is really suited for you. You need to disclose any medical conditions (allergies, bleeding, infections) and medications you may be taking that can potentially affect the results of the treatment.

For instance, it may not be advisable for you to have the procedure if you have a bleeding disorder.

Your specialist will also advise you certain steps to take before the procedure, including:

  • Avoiding NSAIDS and ibuprofen to minimize bleeding

  • Stopping herbal supplements 2 weeks prior to your procedure

  • Stopping drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes or vaping 48 hours prior to your appointment

Dermal filler buttocks lift, Radiesse dermal filler buttocks lift, non invasive buttocks lift, non-surgical butt lift

Treatment day

A dermal filler buttocks lift is pretty straightforward. To minimize risk of infection, the target area will be sanitized thoroughly.

If you are particularly sensitive to pain, your specialist may apply a topical anesthesia to manage discomfort or pain during the procedure. Some formulations of Radiesse may also contain lidocaine that help with the pain. It’s important to let your specialist know if you are sensitive to lidocaine to avoid any allergic reactions.

A blunt tip cannula is used to deliver the dermal filler Radiesse under the skin. Results are immediate because of the gel component of the dermal filler. You will see progressive improvements as weeks go by.

A typical Radiesse session lasts 30 minutes. You may need up to 3 treatments spaced 4 months apart to achieve your desired plumpness and contour.

Bruising or swelling are expected side effects, but these should subside in a few days.

After treatment

While this is a non-invasive procedure, it is not entirely painless. You may feel some soreness or pain in the treatment area but this should not last more than a week. However, you may be able to get back to normal activities a couple of days after your appointment.

Your specialist will advise to sleep on your side or your belly for 2 weeks until the dermal filler has settled.

Dermal Filler Buttocks Lift Side Effects

These are the most common side effects:

  • Pain

  • Bleeding at the treatment area

  • Swelling

  • Bruising

  • Redness

  • Rash or itching

  • Asymmetrical results

  • Lumpiness

The following are rare side effects but must be given immediate medical attention. They usually indicate infection that has set in:

  • Fever

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea

  • Dizziness

  • Discharge (yellow or green) where the dermal filler was administered

Going to a qualified, experienced, AND certified provider greatly minimizes the risks involved in a dermal filler buttocks lift. It’s important to carefully choose your specialist to avoid any unwanted results.

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If you’re interested in a dermal filler buttocks lift and want amazing results, make sure to choose the best!

We, at Skin Theory Aesthetics, ensure you get the best experience with us by giving you a treatment plan especially tailored to meet your needs and expectations.

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